Need to Bring Down a Building?

You've found one of the best demolition contractors in Portland, Medford, OR and Vancouver, WA.

Aftermath Post Construction is a leading provider of demolition services in Portland, Medford, OR and Vancouver, WA. and the surrounding area. Using our vast experience, we can properly demolish buildings of all types and sizes. We have the equipment and personnel to handle residential and commercial demolition projects. You can trust our team to dismantle homes, office buildings, farmhouses, barns, garages and similar structures. When you need someone to clear the way, choose Aftermath Post Construction. Call 503-765-2291 today for assistance.

demolition contractor Vancouver, WA

We'll create a detailed plan of action

Bringing down a building requires more than brunt force. It requires attention to detail and careful consideration for the local environment. Aftermath Post Construction will bring down your building in an efficient and conscious manner. Our team will:

  • Streamline the process through administrative practices
  • Clean the area completely after demolition
  • Grade the foundation for the next project

We are well-known throughout the Vancouver area for our demolition capabilities. If you need a demolition contractor for your project, call Aftermath Post Construction today.